Shopping Small This Holiday Season

Did you know you have the power to make a big difference in people's lives just by where you choose to shop? This holiday season before you turn to the ease of Amazon shopping, think about if there's a small business that you could support instead. 

Of course smaller businesses often have a little bit higher prices, but they are often more unique items, even higher quality most of the time! I know for me personally, it feels better when I know that my money is supporting someone locally and that I'm helping to spread the word about their business.

I encourage you to take the time to look for local small businesses that might sell items that could be perfect gifts this holiday season. Now - why would you choose Kylee Makes?

Quality Earrings

Kylee Makes uses high-quality metals that are safe for sensitive ears. I know a big concern when buying earrings is that they might bother the ear lobes, making them itchy, and resulting in frustration for the product you just bought. However, these earrings are all made with titanium or gold-filled metals - both are safe for sensitive ears! Neither has nickel, which is the most common cause of ear lobe issues. Also, these are both better than stainless steel options.

Lightweight Options

Whether you're looking for a dangle or stud earring, they are all lightweight! Polymer clay is an excellent material for creating earrings that won't weigh you down. Our stud packs are great options for gifts because you're able to give three pairs of earrings!

Handmade with Care

Lastly, all of these earrings are handmade by me. I pour my heart and soul into each pair, and if they aren't up to my standards, I will remake them before shipping them out. 

Where to Shop

Of course you can shop through the website and have your items shipped or choose local pickup. However, I'm also going to be at several events in the St. Louis area throughout the holiday season. 

Even if it's not shopping with Kylee Makes, look for local makers in your area this holiday season if you want some unique gifts to give!